All about Heidi Martens


Heidi Martens has been designing clothing since 2005.  Originally known under the label Homebaked, the line has graced the racks of some of Montreal’s most beloved independent boutiques, including General 54, Unicorn, Lustre and many more.  Now, a decade later, pieces can be found in cities across Canada, like Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.  Ever evolving and adapting, Heidi Martens continues to build a local following for beautifully tailored, handcrafted garments.  

At one point Martens took a break from the independent scene to explore the commercial side of fashion.  While she did come away with much knowledge and experience it left no doubt in her mind that local and sustainable manufacturing is a priority.  With a focus on quality timeless pieces and small run production lines, Heidi Martens is a line that mixes ethical practices with beautiful design.  Her love of interesting prints and fabrics set her apart and push her to continually search for the next amazing piece.